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Training Tailored to Your Business Needs

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Implementation of the telephony solutions is followed by very important training to help your company and employees become familiar with your new communication tools. This training is tailored to the scale and complexity of the rollout and your business needs.

In addition, 6Telecom firmly believes that training is the key to freedom. The primary objective of the training provided by 6Telecom is to help your company reach the level of autonomy needed to use at full capacity all the telecommunication tools that 6Telecom supplies.

List of available training:

  • Basic Training for Users;
  • Comprehensive Training for Users;
  • Training for Managers - 4 Hours;
  • Training for Managers - 6 Hours;
  • Training for Traditional Receptionists;
  • Training for Software (softconsole) Receptionists;
  • Training for Contact Center Agents;
  • Training for Contact Center Supervisors.

To Ensuring A Successful Rollout

For your added peace of mind, 6Telecom's team of experts oversees the end-to-end management of your project, from rollout to commissioning. Over the years, 6Telecom succeeded in refining its project management methodology to make sure that the project is delivered on time and according to your requirements at all times.