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A leading expert in multi-platform communications solutions, 6Telecom is the specialist in advanced enterprise-class business communications solutions. Building on our technological expertise and keen knowledge in the field of communications, 6Telecom develops, together with its partners, professional solutions strategically tailored to businesses like yours.

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Logo 6Telecom

Founded in 1994 by entrepreneurs with background in telecommunications, 6Telecom quickly came to understand the needs of businesses like yours.

Our approach

Approche et méthodologie 6Telecom

For your added peace of mind, 6Telecom's team of experts oversees the end-to-end management of your project, from rollout to commissioning.

Our team

Équipe de gestion 6Telecom

Each 6Telecom employee is a specialized advisor who can advise you, guide you and help you to address the challenges your company faces.

Centre de gestion

Centre de contrôle 6Telecom

A true nerve center, the management or control center manages 6Telecom's access network and central telephone switches.


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Avaya, Hubbell, Bell, Videotron are among the many partners that make 6Telecom your best business partner.

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6Telecom is located in the heart of Longueuil, a few minutes from downtown Montreal.