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A virtual business number is much more than just a number that will always stay with you, no matter whether you move, change banner or cell phone. It is the smart way to keep your customers without having to change your telephone number. After all, your business relationships are your greatest investment.

A virtual business number is also a sophisticated call routing system that allows you to monitor your call answering service according to various business rules, like large corporations do, without having to pay a hefty price for a telephone system.

And, of course, you can combine a prestige number with a virtual business number to increase your company's reach and visibility today.

The Telecopie.com fax via e-mail service allows you to send and receive faxes easily and quickly, via e-mail! This service is ideal for anybody using faxes for personal or business use. With the basic plan costing only $2.00 per month, you will save money from the word go!

Just imagine: an end to the problems and costs of your fax machine. In fact, you no longer need a dedicated line nor a fax. Your service includes a fax number at which people can send you faxes. To send faxes, you use your e-mail software.

No more maintenance. No more wasted ink and paper. No more paper jams making the fax machine unusable.

The Telecopie.com service is always available. You will never miss a fax again. No more busy lines - you can receive several faxes at the same time.

Try the Telecopie.com service today! Take advantage of the free trial period and you will soon see the benefits.

With intelligent call routing by 6Telecom, your company can publish one single number for all your sites. The system can forward incoming calls from your customers to the branch of your choice according to the origin of the call and selected criteria. Combining this service with a vanity number gives you access to a powerful marketing tool that makes it easy for your customers to memorize your number.

There are three options:

  • Fully automated routing without any intervention from the caller;
  • Fully automated routing with confirmation of the suggested destination to the caller;
  • Routing as per the caller's choice.
Intelligent call routing is the perfect solution for multi-location companies who want to present one single telephone number for their customers.


6Telecom's virtual services are a simple and cost-effective way for your Company to get productivity tools without any capital investment. Monthly invoicing of virtual services is available with or without a fixed term, for greater flexibility.